• Primary armament: 1,000 kg bombs
  • Secondary armament: 2x20mm cannon
  • Tertiary armament: 2x7.62 mm (.30 caliber) machine gun
  • Maximum speed: 420 kmh
  • Frontal armor value: 9
  • Side armor value: 9
  • Rear armor value: 9
  • Top armor value: 9
  • Primary weapon damage: 150 (see note)
  • Primary weapon penetration value: 50


The IL-2, and indeed the entire IL series, are some of the best aircraft in the game. They are widely availible, usually in the "Ground Attack" plane section. Its heavy cannons and duo machine guns make it practical against infantry, armor, and artillery. The armor means it can survive a few hits from an enemy 20mm AA gun.

However, it lacks manouverability, and it cannot survive for long against light AA fire, and one direct hit from an 88 mm AA gun will usually take it down. It also is easy prey for fighters.
They also show an annoying tendancy to trail light enemy aircraft, in an attempt to shoot it down. However, for reasons unknown, they will not fire; meaning they will tail the enemy aircraft until one side is out of fuel and must return to base.

Possible typoEdit

The cannon damage for the IL-2 is listed as "150". However, both the IL-2m3 and the IL-10 use approximately the same cannons, and have a damage of 20 and 29, respectivley. It is quite probably a typo; but either way, it remains unconfirmed.



  • Primary armament: 1,000 kg bombs
  • Secondary armament: 2x23 mm cannon
  • Tertiary armament: 1x12.7mm (.50 caliber) machine gun
  • Maximum speed: 407 kmh
  • Frontal armor value: 12
  • Side armor value: 12
  • Rear armor value: 12
  • Top armor value: 12
  • Primary weapon damage: 20
  • Primary weapon penetration value: 24


Very similar to the IL-2, except the armor is slightly better and the duo .30 caliber MGs have been replaced with one .50 caliber MG. The speed is slightly lower, but not enough to affect performance.



  • Primary armament: 1,000 kg bombs
  • Secondary armament: 2x23mm cannon
  • Tertiary armament: 1x 20mm cannon
  • Maximum speed: 550 kmh
  • Frontal armor value: 13
  • Side armor value: 13
  • Rear armor value: 13
  • Top armor value: 13
  • Primary weapon damage: 29
  • Primary weapon penetration value: 40


The best in the IL series, this plane is essentially a much faster IL-2m3. The machine guns have been completely replaced by this point by a 20mm cannon. The extra speed enable it to quickly get to the enemy rear in the Berlin historical mission.

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