One of the first reinforcement types available in the game is the light tank. Light tanks are generally slower than armored cars, but more heavily armed and better armored. Light tanks have the advantage of speed and numbers, allowing for opportunistic attack strategies or flexible defenses. Light tanks are your primary forces early in the game, blowing away enemy infantry and vehicles with ease. However, as the game progresses, light tanks fill no role other than cannon fodder.

Light tanks typically come armed with a small cannon and 1-3 machine-guns. This is enough to deal with enemy infantry and armored cars, but pitiful against anything heavier than a small anti tank gun. Because of this armament and their relatively weak armor, light tanks have many counters. Heavy machine-guns can damage some of the weaker light tanks, while light anti-aircraft artillery is even more effective. Ground attack planes can destroy a few of them in just one attack run. Medium and heavy tanks will find a light tank quite easy to take down. Infantry with anti-tank rifles or rocket launchers will also find a light tank a somewhat easy opponent.

In conclusion, the light tank is a force to be reckoned with early in the game, bristling with the armor and weapons to take on lighter enemies, but lacks the armor and firepower to be a practical unit during mid and late game.